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The experimental of glass

Glass experiment movie

Thermal properties 

One property of glass is that it does not pass electricity.
But it glass is heated,it will pass elecricity.

 Glass should not pass electricity though it is amazing!


Glass experiment movie

Cool glass 

If you quickly cool heated glass with water,it cracks and cracks finely just by applying a little force. The reason is that the glass could not bear to stretch due to temperature difference The other is that when glass powders are put in a phenolphthalein solution the glass turns red.

 Phenolphthalein is red.
Do you know when that is the case?

  When things dissolved in water are alkaline!
I studied at a junior high school first grader.

 The ingredients of the glass will dissolve in water.
 Then, if the dissolved component is alkaline It is surprising to show you.