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Material of glass

Glass material 

 The commonly used materials glass is silica sand (keisha),soda ash,and limestone.

Material description  

About silica sand

 Minerals made from silicon dioxide as crystals have quartz minerals. Many are shaped like hexagonal prisms. It is quartz sand that the mineral became sandy. When looking at sand in a sandbox,you can see it is transparent and glowing,that is because silica sand is like a piece of glass.

About soda ash

 It is sodium carbonate anhydrate made from salt. It is used for making sweetsIt is also the main ingredient of baking powder. Soda ash is also contained in detergents and bathing agents.

About limestone     

 Limestone is also called calcium carbonate. It enhances the durability of the glass. Limestone is contained in various things such as chalk powder and baby powder. It is the main ingredient of shells and corals.

 In this way, the glass material is familiar It's included.


 I was so surprised that glass was made from such things!

How to make glass 

Glass fiber

  Glass fiber is one made by melting and pulling glass to make it fibrous.
When used in fibrous form, with common alkali glasses
As the strength is remarkably lowered due to deterioration of the surface, glass for use as a    raw material has a structure such as
Alkali glass such as quartz glass is used.
However, general glass can also be used for glass wool applications.
Main applications are printed circuit board and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).
By mixing glass fiber with plastic and solidifying it
Lightweight materials with high strength and high toughness that can not be obtained with     plastic alone can be obtained.
However, with respect to strength, aged deterioration occurs and it may be damaged even    after 3 to 5 years from the start of use, so
Attention is required when using it for tools such as sports gear and helmet which are related   to human life.
In addition, when writing "glass fiber", it sometimes implies glass fiber reinforced plastic.