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Properties of glass

Properties of glass

It becomes a liquid if it melts and becomes a solid when it cools,
It is also possible to mix materials and make different things.
Moreover,it becomes red and blue
depending on the material added to it and
the production technipue.
The material and the creation method are reflected in the
glass product in many ways. It you scratch a windowpane,
it will a "kiki" sound.
And when you blow glass it makes a loud "boa"
sound. Glass can make a lot of noise.

Glass is solid! Is it? 

A solid represents a state in which molecules do not move in an ordered arrangement,but
glass molecules are not in a regular state,they continues to move very slowly.
Therefore,it was not clear whether the glass was solid or a liquid.
However,research has revealed that glass is "solid".
As evidence,solid and liquid regions are mixed in substances in the glass state,
In the solid region the molecule is in a specific geometric structure such as a regular icosahedron. Thus it was discovered that glass is solid.

Glass burns?  

 Unlike plastic made from petroleum,glass never burns.
As far as the earth is concerned,the limit for raising the temperature of the glass is about 3000℃,I do not know anything beyond that. However,
glass is said to not burn like bricks and stones.

Glass does not burn. I did not know.

 But, I still have something
I do not understand It would be nice to know from now on.
Next let's see the glass is transparent.

 That reminds me, why is it transparent?

Transparent glass is transparent  

The reason the glass is transparent is that the structure of the glass does not have any clumping eye that blocks light from the eye.

  Glass's main raw material is a type of sand called silica sand. Originally,silica sand is made of the same ingredients as highly transparent crystal. Once the silica sand melts high temperatures it becomes liquid and cools down,The crystal structure collapses. Then there is nothing obstructing the light from passing straight through,The glass looks transparent.